Surfing despite Covid-19

Covid-19 - All you need to know about your surfing holiday with A-Frame

++Covid-19 Update: 13. August 2020++

You hear and read in the news about a second Covid-19 wave in Spain and are unsettled? The increasing numbers do not concern Andalusia but other regions in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Navarra or the Basque Country. In Andalusia the numbers of corona infections are still very low. 
For example, the province of Cadiz has fewer cases than North Rhine-Westphalia, with 12.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. At our surf camp we have of course taken a number of measures to ensure that you can enjoy a relaxed and safe holiday with us. You can find our hygiene measures below or click here.

++Covid-19 Update: 29. July 2020++

We understand that reporting on the situation in Spain raises doubts about whether the holiday can take place. 

Some areas of Spain are again affected (e.g.: Barcelona). Fortunately, however, in Andalusia and especially in the province of Cádiz there are few cases. 
Tourism is essential for southern Spain. The government of Andalusia has therefore introduced strict measures from the beginning to protect this region from the outbreak of the virus - and has been very successful so far. Cádiz is the least affected region in Spain. 

We are, of course, monitoring developments closely and dealing with the situation responsibly. 
Our decisions are based on the official travel recommendations. According to these, all trips can take place as planned.

In case of travel restrictions for Andalusia we offer you the following options:

1) Rebooking (for all trips during the period of an official travel restriction)

If you have booked your holiday with us for this autumn, you can rebook free of charge for a new date in autumn, winter and spring 2020/2021. 
Please write us your desired date. We will then check availability and send you a new confirmation. 

2) Voucher 

If you do not know at the moment when you would like to or can come, you have the possibility to have an UNTIMED voucher issued for the amount of your deposit. 

If you wish to cancel your holiday without official travel restrictions, our normal cancellation policy applies:

We hope that you are well informed.
Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you. 

++Covid-19 Update: 08. July 2020++

Season start in September 2020

This year we feel extra happy to announce the beginning of the new season.

Our camp doors open on the 5th of September 2020! 

To make sure you can enjoy your holiday with us as much as always, and at the same time stay safe, we have prepared a hygiene protocol.

Safety and hygiene during your surfing holiday in El Palmar

El Palmar has a long, wide beach, with a lot of space in the line-up/ water and the fresh ocean breeze. Our camp has made all the necessary changes to adjust to the new situation including new common areas, smaller course groups and increased hygienic standards. 

The Corona Hygiene protocol at A-Frame Surfcamp

The Camp

Common areas

  • The inside and outside areas of our camp have a sufficient amount of space to allow for 2-metre social distancing.
  • We have a lot of outside areas available for everyone to use: our inner courtyard, the 70m2 yoga house garden and our 3 outside terraces (in total approx. 60m2).
  • Besides this we have created extra space with the opening of our restaurant next door.
  • The restaurant offers another outside terrace (35m2) and an inner common area (75m2).
  • The inner area of the camp and restaurant are spacious enough to, if needed, all get together inside safely.

Food service

  • In our common areas (see above) we have changed the seating layout to provide the required amount for safe social distancing.
  • Due to the expansion of the available areas we are able to create more space in between the tables and seats.
  • We have smaller tables to dine in smaller groups per table
  • There is always a possibility to dine in the open air on one of our terraces
  • The food will be pre-portioned and served by our staff.
  • Our kitchen is certified by the Spanish health department.
  • We also offer a takeaway service on demand.


  • As always, our accommodations consists of houses and studios with their own garden or terrace, a lot of space and a private atmosphere.
  • Everyone can decide how much contact they want to have with other guests for themselves.
  • We have a lot of private apartments and studios where you have the possibility to stay completely on your own.
  • Our shared- houses with 2 sleeping rooms will be shared by a maximum of 3 people and contain one bathroom
  • Our shared- houses with 3 sleeping rooms will be shared by a maximum of 5 people and contain 2 bathrooms.
  • We don’t offer shared dormitories like hostels do.
  • A bedroom can only be shared by family members, by persons form the same household or by persons travelling together.
  • We wash the bedsheets and towels at 60 degrees Celsius.
  • The rooms will be cleaned, opened up for airing and disinfected on a daily basis.
  • We provided the accommodations with sanitizer to clean your hands

Our surf and yoga courses

We have adjusted the number of people per course to the new situation and will teach in smaller groups. Our yoga and surf instructors will be trained to implement the required safety procedures and social distancing measures.

Surf classes

  • Our surf courses will take place on our beach right in front of our camp, due to this a shuttle service is not needed.
  • In El Palmar we have enough space in the line-up to maintain a proper distance from other surfers.
  • Everyone will get their own wetsuit for the entire stay with us.
  • The equipment will be disinfected after every use.


  • Everyone will get their own yoga mat for the entire week.
  • The maximum amount of people per class will be reduced in order to maintain the required social distancing measures.
  • To make sure everyone can attend our open yoga classes, we will offer those twice a day if needed
  • Our yoga house gets cleaned, disinfected and aired after every class.

General Hygiene Standards

  • All our common areas will be aired frequently throughout the day.
  • Surfaces in the camp (tables, door handles, chairs etc.) will be cleaned multiple times during the day.
  • Sanitizer to clean your hands will always be available.
  • Our team will wear masks.
  • In our contact with others we will respect the required social distancing measures.
  • We request form everyone to respect and apply the required social distancing measures. If there are any doubts about this we will remind you about them to ensure everyone’s safety.

We can't wait to see you here - Enjoy your stay!