Surfing in Conil at one of the best surf spots in Spain

Surf & Spots in the area

The surf spots in South Spain

Playa El Palmar is an insider tip among the surf spots in Spain. So this is your chance to learn to surf at an undiscovered surf spot. The small coastal town, El palmar, is located on the Costa de la Luz and offers a beach break of about 8 km in length. Here there is enough space for everyone, so that the line-ups are mostly empty and we have a lot of space for surfing. You will also find long waves and great peaks. For beginners there are good conditions all year round, because either the waves are pretty small or we practice with absolute beginners in white water anyway. If the waves are not surfable in El Palmar, we drive together to another spot.

The surfspots around El Palmar

Because around El Palmar there are many really good surf spots. With the surf course we go for example to Barbate with big waves. For independent surfers we can recommend the surf spots around Canos de Meca. These include Cape Trafalgar, Los Canos de Meca and Apartamentos. Whether Longboard, Mini Malibu or Shortboard, there is the right wave for every board and every surf level. No matter if beginner, intermediate or advanced, we surf with you where you have fun. See for yourself - we think the pictures speak for themselves.