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The catering at A-Frame

Delicious food at the A-Frame Surfcamp El Palmar

You love food? So do we! Here at the A-Frame Surfcamp in El Palmar we attach great importance to a tasty, wholesome and balanced cuisine. After all, yoga and surfing make you hungry. Our cooks prepare the meals with fresh and healthy ingredients as well as an extra portion of love and refill the empty energy tanks.

Yummy breakfast at A-Frame Surfcamp in El Palmar

Look forward to a delicious breakfast with Chia pudding, quark, endless muesli varieties, nuts, dried fruits, milk, soy milk, coffee, organic tea, ginger water, juice, fresh fruits, bread, delicious spreads, sausage, cheese, various specials, and and and...

Healthy lunch at A-Frame Surfcamp in El Palmar

For lunch you can help yourself to our buffet. As a rule, there are light and filling dishes such as soups, tortillas, wraps, sushi bowls or salads for lunch.

3-course dinner at the A-Frame Surfcamp El Palmar

At the end of the day we serve you a delicious three-course menu five evenings a week. Look forward to a light starter (soup or salad), a refined skin dish and a dreamlike dessert. Let yourself be surprised by what our chefs conjure up for you.

You have intolerances?

We are happy to take vegetarians, vegans or intolerances into consideration. Imaginative and lovingly prepared dishes ensure variety and fun while eating. After all, the eye also eats. The highlight is our weekly BBQ, where our chefs surpass themselves. At least that's what guests say ;-)