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Videos - Surfing in the A-Frame Surfcamp

The A-Frame Surfcamp is located in the south of Spain, in sunny Andalusia. You will find us in El Palmar, a small coastal town on the Costa de la Luz. The Surfcamp is located directly at the sea. So all you have to do is grab your surfboard and you are in the water in just a few steps. The Costa de la Luz belongs to the Atlantic Ocean, so El Palmar offers you the best conditions for surfing. For beginners it is perfect all year round, for all better surfers autumn, winter and spring are perfect. If you want to know when the best conditions are for you, we recommend our blog post about the best waves in El Palmar.

Surf spots in the surroundings of the A-Frame Surfcamp

If the waves in El Palmar do not meet your expectations, there are of course many other surf spots in the area. An overview of the different surf spots in Andalusia can be found under "Surfspots". The fact that the coast here has two orientations means that you can always surf. In the surroundings of our surf camp you will find beginner waves, longboard waves as well as more demanding waves for shortboard surfers. In the video gallery we show you an overview of the best surf spots and the different waves in the area. We also show you how beautiful surfing can be here in winter. Then you have the waves for yourself ;-)