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The A-Frame Story - How it all started in El Palmar

The view then as now legendary
The view then as now legendary
The view then as now legendary

New Year's Eve 1999, Arne is the first time in El Palmar. Six years earlier he had started surfing, then in 1996 he gave the first courses - and now he stood there.

On his travels he had been stuck with the chapter "Andalusia" while leafing through the Stormrider Guide. The landscape, the weather and of course the waves, that's where he wanted to go. And stay.

But first I went to the university in Hamburg and in the summer months as a surf teacher to France. In 2004 he visited Andalusia for the third time and one year later the idea came to him on Fuerteventura: a surf camp in El Palmar. The beach is right in front of the door, the waves are great and the small friendly place opposite Morocco offers pure relaxation.

Meanwhile Arne shared his ideas with his girlfriend Katrin, who worked as a yoga teacher. And so the surf camp became the surf and yoga camp.

The tower still in the old design
Theory lessons in the old days
Still with strange children on the way
Surf lesson with Arne
Arnes Favorit: Children Theory Lessons
Office Work 2005 :)

The opening of the A-Frame Surfcamp in El Palmar

In autumn 2005 they opened the A-Frame Surf - and Yogacamp. Named after the A-Frame which breaks directly in front of the camp. It was the first surf camp in El Palmar and southern Spain, not to mention yoga. Simply trying was the motto. If no one books, then we go back to Hamburg.

First season. Staff: 2nd Arne gave surf courses, took care of the office and the purchasing. Katrin gave the first yoga courses. Guests: could be counted effortlessly on one hand.

That's what it looked like. Arne held his surf course "theory" on the terrace of the camp, sometimes only for one guest. And Katrin cooked in the evening for the small round. That's how pioneers must feel.

Over time, the A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp grew. In 2007 Toni started as a cook and the first surf instructor could be paid. Juani has become very special to us. She has been a part of our small company since the very beginning and it is hard to imagine life without her.

Yoga in El Palmar in Spanien
Yoga then as now a highlight directly by the sea
Katrin at work on the restaurant terrace
Sunset after Sunset after Sunset
The first family trip October 2006
Juani's been with us since day one!
A-Frame Surf coach El Palmar
Our first cook. 19 years old. We still call him Toni The Legend today.
Jürgen was first surf instructor who helped Arne with the surf courses.
First time on a team
Our landlords next door. Gertrudis and Pepe
At that time even Santa Claus came and brought mulled wine to the terrace.
Barbecue evening in the garden next door
The yoga place has been swept
A-Frame Surfcamp in El Palmar
Sunset meeting on the terrace
Arrival 2005 with the camp equipment of the first hour
Arrival 2005 with the world's most scrap trailer ;)
Lunch nap on the terrace. That's what it used to look like.

Now Katrin and Arne have been living in El Palmar for more than 10 years. They now have two children. Her dream has become a place where her guests feel at home. That was the idea.