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A-Frame Yoga & Surf camp in El Palmar

Look forward to a great time at the A-Frame surf camp in El Palmar in Spain. Our surf camp is located in El Palmar, a charming coastal town in Andalusia. Here in the south of Spain the sun shines almost always and surfing is possible nearly all year round. In spring, autumn and even in winter it is especially nice for surfing in Andalusia. Because during this time it is pleasantly warm and the waves are constant. If you are looking for a surf camp in Europe that offers consistently excellent conditions, then the sunny south of Spain is the place to be.

Yoga & Surf in El Palmar

When we first discovered El Palmar more than 10 years ago, we felt that we could never leave. It was the energy of this beautiful, quiet seaside town in southern Spain that captured us. We decided to create a space where you can feel comfortable whatever you want to do: Go surfing, take a yoga class or enjoy watching the sea and the waves over breakfast from the terrace of our surf camp. This is how the A-Frame Yoga & Surf Camp began...

From September to June we offer surfing courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers as well as yoga holidays and yoga classes. The beautiful accommodation of our beach camp is located right on the El Palmar seafront, facing the Atlantic Ocean. From our lounge you have a unique view of the sea and the waves. Everyday you will see typical “A-Frame” waves breaking here, i.e. a wave that peels to both the left and the right. This is the perfect wave that inspired our name: A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp

To complement your surfing, you can find balance on one of our yoga courses. We offer yoga classes for all residents of the surf camp as well as one-week yoga retreats. The quality courses are  matched by the fresh and healthy food on offer. You can easily make your own way to the surf camp after taking a cheap flight from most major cities. If you want to find out more about the A-Frame Surf Camp, check out these videos and photos here.

Blick vom Surfcamp in El Palmar

Surf camp in El Palmar directly on the beach

Imagine sitting at breakfast looking out to sea... This is how every day begins at A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp. On a clear day you can see as far as Morocco and enjoy the sun on our roof terrace. In our beautiful plant-filled courtyard we regularly organise barbecues and get-togethers. Our wooden yoga house offers peace and quiet and allows you to hear the sound of the sea while you rest deep in an asana.

Healthy, fresh food from an excellent chef

Learning to surf and doing yoga is a lot more fun when you feel energised. That is why we attach great importance to our food. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, fresh and healthy ingredients, lots of fruit and vegetables and a loving and imaginative preparation are a matter of course for us at A-FrameYoga & Surf Camp.

More about the catering

Beautiful accommodation by the sea

The accommodation in the surf camp is among the most beautiful and comfortable in El Palmar. They rooms are furnished with love and are fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and living room. Because winter has the best waves, many people come to us during this time. That is why there are proper heaters in all accommodation as well as duvets to snuggle up in. In our photo gallery you can see photos of our villas and apartments. All accommodation and our main communal areas are equipped with free Wi-Fi.

More about the accommodation

NEW: A-Frame Surfshop & Surf School

In spring 2019 we fulfilled one of our dreams and opened the A-Frame Surfshop with integrated surf school. Here you can also book surf courses as a non camp guest, rent a surfboard or browse the surf shop. Besides everything you need for surfing, we also sell fashion, accessories and decoration. You'll find here both the big brands (Rip Curl, Billabong, Firewire, Pukas) and small treasures of local labels.

A-Frame Surfshop & Surfschool

What we offer in the A-Frame Surfcamp

1. Surf school with experienced surf instructors

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, our surf instructors will take time to get to know you and give you the best advice. Our teaching concepts have been improved and optimised over 15 years and are based on sports science. Learning to surf in a relaxed way is easy with us. All teachers at the A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp are officially trained and licensed surf instructors and lifesavers. It is especially important to us that you enjoy surfing! The big advantage of surfing in Andalusia is that the waves in El Palmar are perfect for learning on and the choice is huge - there are always good conditions for the surf course.

More about the surf classes

2. Daily yoga courses with sea view in our own yoga house

We don't only call ourselves a Yoga & Surf Camp, we also live it. Yoga is equally as important to us as surfing. That is why our yoga classes do not take place somewhere on the beach, but in a specially-built yoga house. It is an 80 m² wooden studio with a direct sea-view. Large windows let the light in and make the space glow. When the windows are open, you can even hear the waves, feel the breeze and smell the ocean.

Directly in front of our beach camp there is an old watchtower with a small platform. If the weather is fine and there is no wind, the yoga courses can take place there by arrangement with the guests. Take a look at our photo gallery.

More about the yoga holidays

3. The best waves in Andalusia

If there's a wave breaking somewhere in southern Spain, it's in El Palmar. Here you will find the most consistent surf spots and the best waves - thanks to the absolutely perfect sandbanks. If the waves in El Palmar are too big or the wind too strong, there are perfect conditions at other surf spots. Only 10 minutes away by car, the coast turns in and faces south, so on really big swell days in El Palmar there are always more manageable conditions for beginner and intermediate surfers just around the corner. In this undiscovered corner of Spain there are always options.

The Surf Spots

4. New surfboards and wetsuits included

At our surf camp you can catch waves directly in front of the camp from sunrise to sunset. We give you a wetsuit and have all the boards available all day, so you can surf whenever you want outside of class time. At the A-Frame Yoga & Surf Camp we provide the latest Billabong wetsuits and soft and hard surfboards from 6'2 to 10'.

5. Sights in the surroundings

Southern Spain was once occupied by the Moors. Their heritage has been preserved in the small white villages and towns. Andalusia is the birthplace of flamenco and famous for its sherry, the amazing Alhambra and the first bullfights.

In the area around the surf camp, there are loads of interesting places for excursions and day-trips. Vejer, a typical Andalusian white village perched on a hilltop, is only 15 minutes away.  Conil de la Frontera is just ten minutes away and Cadiz, the oldest city of Europe is just a half hour drive. In one and a half hours you can be in spectacular Seville and half an hour south of El Palmar sits Tarifa, the gateway to Africa and a hot-spot of the digital nomad scene.

The surrounding area

6. Cheap flights and car hire

There are four airports that are suitable to get to A-Frame Yoga & Surf Camp. Jerez de la Frontera is only one hour away by car. Seville and Gibraltar 1.5 hours and Malaga about two hours. If you want to go a little further, Faro in Portugal is also an option. A rental car is also worthwhile if you want to make the most of your holiday and explore the surrounding area.

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