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Open classes for all - Yoga on vacation

The open class is our yoga offer for all guests of the A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp. The open yoga class offers relaxation and regeneration after surfing. But even if you are not surfing, yoga is a great alternative. You can relax tense muscles, release blockages and let go of your racing everyday thoughts. The open yoga classes currently take place in German. 

El Palmar - Yoga by the sea

Yoga on holiday means yoga with a seaview. In the 90 minute yoga classes you can slow down and find your inner balance. This happens through the so-called Asanas (Yoga postures). With these exercises we move and stretch our bodies (don't worry, it's good and doesn't hurt). This releases tension and straightens the spine. You will find more inner peace and relaxation. After the yoga class you feel fit and clear - balanced and relaxed at the same time. And with the sea before your eyes and the sound of the waves, the positive effects of yoga are intensified - a very special holiday experience. Yoga in El Palmar is an inspiring experience.

Yoga by the sea
Yoga teacher, Jana

Our open class at a glance

ou will find all the important information about our open Yoga classes:

  • The open classes take place 5 times a week before or after the surf course in our yoga house
  • Duration of the class: 90 minutes
  • No previous knowledge is required for the yoga course - we are happy to welcome beginners and advanced students alike
  • Everyone is welcome and will be looked after according to their individual abilities
  • Yoga mats and all other aids are available for you
  • We practice barefoot and in comfortable clothes
  • Price per Yoga class: 10 Euro per 90 minutes

El Palmar Yoga - Yoga classes for all

In addition to the open classes from our Yoga Camp, there are also external Yoga classes in the Yoga House. These classes are also open to everyone. Different yoga styles are taught by teachers from the region. The timetable and all other information can be asked at our shop.

Do you still have questions about the yoga classes?

If you have any questions about the open yoga classes, please feel free to contact us at the camp. The times depend on the surf lessons and are communicated daily. Have fun with yoga on your vacation - see you in yoga class!

A-Frame Yoga house with ocean view