Surfing in Spain with A-Frame

Yoga & Surfing in Spain with A-Frame

Katrin and Arne founded the A-FRAME Surf & Yoga Camp in 2005. With their friendly, open nature they have always been able to inspire people who work for the camp not only to work well together but have to become friends over time and create a 'family' feeling. This, they both believe, is the only way to create the warm and relaxed atmosphere that keep so many guests coming back year after year.

Kitchen-Queen Juani

Juani was there right from the start and brandishes the stirring spoon as well as the broom. Happy music and a laugh are served with breakfast and her cakes at lunchtime sweeten you every day. Srightly earned the title of kitchen Queen.

Our cook Jascha

Jascha will quickly become your best friend. Because what he conjures up in the kitchen every day is simply delicious. He loves minimalism and contrasts in taste when cooking. He also loves the sea and the waves. That's where you'll find him when he's not creating tasty treats in the camp kitchen.

Cook Sebastian

Sebas not only makes delicious food but is always ready with a lively greeting or friendly wink for the guests. The Argentinean has lived in El Palmar for many years and has known the camp founders Katrin and Arne from the very beginning. At that time Katrin was still cooking herself, but now Sebas wears the chef's hat. Sebas enjoys the spices of Asian cuisine, and although Argentines are crazy about meat, Sebas also loves to cook fish and seafood. This makes sense with El Palmar being directly on the sea, from the camp kitchen you can even watch the fishermen at work.

Surfen in Spanien mit leckerem Essen im Surf Camp
Surfen in Spanien mit A-Frame Surflehrer Daniel

Surf head coach Daniel

The all-rounder. Sometimes it's good when people talk about you. After Johnny met us and asked a few questions, he applied to join the team and has been working as a surf instructor (now Head Coach) ever since. He is not only responsible for the great atmosphere on the surf courses, but also for his photos and video material on our website. With the surf fitness videos he can help you get in shape before your surf holiday.

Camp Fairy Susana

If you hear Spanish music and a laughter in the camp, then Susana will not be far away. She was born and raised in El Palmar and with her warm and lively manner she always creates a fun atmosphere in the front camp. Besides yoga, she has also discovered surfing- and one more reason to travel. Because her passion for foreign countries and languages always arouses her wanderlust.

Surfen in Spanien bei A-Frame

Camp Fairy Kirsty

Kirsty, originally from Holland, came to El Palmar like so many others for surfing. She likes working with people and especially getting to know new people. Kirsty can be approached with all kinds of problems and she will always find a solution with a broad grin. In addition to her duties as Campfee, Kirsty is also responsible for bookings and the processing of emails. Maybe you already had mail contact with her.

Camp Fairy Ana

Ana was born in Granada, now she lives with her boyfriend and dog in El Palmar. She spends the summers in Austria, where she exchanges flip flops for hiking boots. Ana not only creates a cheerful atmosphere in the camp, but also has a real talent with a sewing machine and supplies her colleagues with selected pieces. She has designed her own collection of children's clothes, which she also offers in the camp and surf shop. It is easy to see Ana's creativity in the camp - the colourful calligraphic signs on the walls are by her. 

Camp Fairy Tinka

Working where others go on holiday, that was always Tinka's dream – even better if right on the beach. Luckily she met our camp master Gerri, because he simply packed her up and took her to Andalusia. Here she feels she has arrived. Tinka enjoys the proximity to the beach, the authentic flair of El Palmar and the nice guests in the camp. "New, relaxed people come every week. I find that totally exciting. I couldn't think of anything better to do right now“.

Camp Fairy Cristina

Cristina is a real local. She and her family have always lived in El Palmar. Cristina doesn't want to live anywhere else, because where else is it as beautiful and relaxed as in El Palmar? Metropolis would be out of the question for her, although she likes to go shopping. When Kristina is not walking on the beach or meeting friends, you'll probably see her in the kitchen of our Oasis Camp.

Camp Fairy Sandra

You meet Sandra mostly at breakfast. She loves her work at A-Frame because the team is nice and the guests friendly, the atmosphere is just relaxed. She loves to drive along the coast and visit the most beautiful places in Andalusia.

Campfee Rocio

Rocio is a real local. She lives with her family in Conil de la Frontera. You will meet the Spaniard at breakfast time in our Surf camp. She is always in a good mood and is happy when guests try her Spanish. Otherwise you can do it with your hands and feet. Rocio loves the beautiful weather of Andalusia and relaxes best during long beach walks - especially with her family.

Sabrina - Childcare & Quality Management

Sabrina has found her paradise in El Palmar. Here lives her big love and here she had her first take-off while surfing. At the charming coastal town she loves the beautiful and endless beach and the great waves. We are glad that Sabrina feels so at home here, because she cares so lovingly for the children of our guests that we don't want to give them away anymore. Sabrina is also responsible for quality management in the camp. A-Frame is for her more than an employer, but more like a big and warm family.

Jana - Yoga Teacher and Mails

"I love the atmosphere here, the special light, the wild sea and the simple life." Maybe you already had email contact with Jana. Jana not only teaches yoga, she also answers the emails.  Jana came to Andalusia 16 years to fill time before her internship at a sports event agency. But things turned out differently and El Palmar and the camp have become her new home. When she feels like a change from her new home, she packs her bags and goes travelling through India or Latin America.

Yoga und Surfen in Spanien - Jana ist Yoga-Lehrerin im A-Frame Surfcamp -

Surf Instructor Alex

When you talk to Alex, you quickly realize that this man has already experienced and seen a lot. He not only coaches excellently in our courses, but also has a number of exhilarating stories in store, which he likes to tell if you'll listen. In El Palmar he enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and that he always finds a peak for himself.

Surf Instructor Linus

Whoever experiences Linus as a surf instructor quickly realizes that it is more than just a job for him. He radiates such calm that no wave is dangerous. Perhaps his balance is due to the fact that Linus has been traveling since 2014. Despite his desire to travel, he always likes to return to El Palmar. Because there are not many places in Europe where you have relatively empty lineups right on your doorstep. The team, the food, the location, the whole concept of Aframe has already convinced him. 

Joeri - Surf instructor

Joeri (pronounced as Juri) comes from Holland and actually studied law and psychology. But he quit his office job after nine years to live his dream of living by the sea. He doesn't regret that for a second, because for him there is nothing better than surfing and being among great people. As a surf instructor Joeri can pass this passion on to his guests and share his enthusiasm with them. El Palmar is perfect for him, because the climate in Andalusia is pleasant, the beach beautiful and the atmosphere in the camp relaxed. The icing on the cake is the delicious food. ;-) If there are no waves, you will see Joeri on the racing bike.

Gerri - "Camp Master" and surf instructor

Whether broken bikes, surf students or the perfect cocktail at our BBQ, Gerri has a knack for everything. He can conjure anything out of cable ties, but he is also a master with the right tools. He gets everything fixed. That's because of his dedication to doing things right. He said goodbye to his old life so that he can finally live by the sea and with nature. Sometimes he takes to his mountain bike or can be found tinkering with his campervan but if the surf is good you'll always find him in the line up.


Surf Instructor Ed

Ed is our all-rounder: When he's not teaching surfing or surfing himself, he designs creative illustrations under the artist name droog79. Whether surfboards, skateboards or canvases, Ed enchants everything into a work of art. You can admire some of his creations at our camp. He also works as a designer for us. Ed is originally from England and lives with his wife and two children in La Muela. Ed only wanted to learn Spanish here, but he and his wife were so enchanted by this untouched part of Spain that they just stayed. We and the guests are happy about this decision. On his website you can also order his works of art from home.

Surf Instructor Jorge

Jorge comes from Málaga and has loved surfing since he was a child. Therefore El Palmar is the perfect place for him. Nature and the waves determine the day here. The people in El Palmar seem happy and relaxed and you feel a positive vibe. As a surf instructor at A-Frame he feels very comfortable, because the team is like a family for him. Everyone is there for the other and he has the feeling that he can learn something from everyone and feels inspired. All this fits together perfectly and Jorge just feels filled and alive. This is also felt by the students in his surf classes. Here he can pass on what he loves so much. Jorge celebrates every progress and is happy about every wave.

Surf Instructor Lea

Lea is a new surf instructor at our camp. Actually she came to El Palmar to go on holiday and visit her brother Daniel. She liked the Andalusian sun and the waves so much that she just stayed. Six months later Lea is a surf instructor and can't imagine anything else. For Lea it is the greatest gift to live by the sea and to put a smile on the faces of the guests during the surf courses. Lea's enthusiasm is quickly contagious and you are automatically in a good mood near her. At A-Frame she has not only found her dream job but also a second family and new friends.

Bernardo - Surf coach

Bernardo actually comes from Málaga, but has known El Palmar since he learned to surf. He feels at home here, because the atmosphere at A-Frame is always good, the team is nice and he can fully enjoy his love for the sea. Whoever is in Bernardo's surf course cannot escape his good mood. You can feel immediately that he loves his job. On days without waves, Bernardo takes his two dogs for a walk on the beach, plays guitar or practices with his skateboard.

Surf instructor Alvaro

Alvaro has been surfing since he was 12 years old and counts as a prehistoric rock in El Palmar. He has been working here as a surf instructor for 16 years and knows the surf spots of the area like the back of his hand. At El Palmar Alvaro loves the untouched beauty of the beach - and of course the waves. When he is not passing on his concentrated knowledge to the surf students of the A-Frame Surf School, he teaches sport at a school in Cadiz. For Alvaro, life without the sea and waves would be inconceivable. How great his passion for surfing is was already shown as a student: The university on Gran Canaria chose Alvaro just because of the waves. ;-)

Simon - Wood master

Simon - the legend - has been surfing pretty much all of his life. He has spent most of his adult life in New Zealand and Indonesia. We are happy that El Palmar is his new favorite place because he is building all our gorgeous wooden things in the Surfcamp and in the Surfshop. After all those famous surf spots in his life, he just fell in love with El Palmar because of its massive stretches of sand where you can always find a place for yourself. And of course because of the great A-Frame Crew that all get along. ;-)

The Camp photographer Coko

Coko always has a smile on his face and therefore always radiates a good mood. You usually see him in or at the water, either with a surfboard or with his camera. Coko is not only a passionate surfer but also a great photographer. He turns photos into works of art. In his surf courses he takes photos of our guests and in his spare time he photographs for exhibitions and other projects around water and surfing.

Jana - Websites & Blogs

Jana is responsible for Aframe's websites, blogs and search engine optimization (SEO). As a digital nomad, she can work from anywhere in the world. She has chosen Hamburg and El Palmar. For Hamburg because of love and for El Palmar because of the waves. She also finds the atmosphere in El Palmar wonderfully relaxed. Life here is decelerated as if by itself. At A-Frame the work feels like a holiday with friends. Every day brings not only fun but also new impressions. That's why Jana likes to come again and again. Where better to live and work than here?

Virginia - Surf Shop

Virginia arbeitet im A-Frame Surf Shop. Sie surft selbst seit vielen Jahren und kann dich daher sowohl bei der Suche nach einem Surfboard als auch nach einem neuen Bikini beraten. Virginia kommt eigentlich aus einer Großstadt in Italien und hat dieses Leben zugunsten eines Lebens am Meer aufgegeben. Diese Entscheidung bereut sie keine Sekunde, denn hier in El Palmar fühlt sie sich der Natur und dem so Meer nahe wie nirgends sonst. Sie liebt das einfache und entspannte Leben hier und schöpft aus der Energie des Meeres auch Energie für sich selbst. Bei A-Frame fühlt sie sich bestens aufgehoben denn das Team ist wie eine zweite Familie,  der alle herzlich sind und immer ein Lachen im Gesicht haben. 

Antonio - Camp Master

If something doesn't work anymore in the camp, Antonio is on the spot. With passion he repairs everything that is not nailed down. His second passion is hiking, especially in the mountains around Gibraltar. Because there you can still discover ancient archaeological finds. With his family he lives here in El Palmar. Here he loves the small community, because on the street he always meets someone he knows.

Osteopath and masseuse Laura

Laura with the magic hands. If you have stretched a little too far during yoga or find paddling hard after a couple of intense sessions or just want to be pampered during your holiday - Laura is there for you. She brings enormous expertise into her treatments and also great empathy. After an hour in her capable hands, you feel reborn and ready to start all over again.

Surfen in Spanien im A-Frame Surfcamp

Camp founder Arne

Arne is responsible for everything to do with surfing in the camp. He's been surfing for 24 years and it's an integral part of his life. With the camp he fulfilled his long-awaited dream of living by the sea and jumping in daily. He loves to pass on his knowledge, collected on countless surf trips all over the world, to our guests. Arne is sure to teach you something about surfing beyond the course content.

Arne Michaelsen is a trained and licensed surf instructor of the British Surfing Association (BSA) and the International Surfing Association (ISA) as well as a trained surf life saver with the SLSS. He holds the ISA Level 2 Surf Coach Diploma. The ISA is an internationally recognized qualification. In October 2009 Arne completed his ISA Surf-Coach Level 2, held by one of the most renowned surf instructors in the world, Martin Dunn. Martin Dunn, from Australia, has 25 years of coaching experience and has passed on all his knowledge and techniques to the students.

Arne taught his first surfing course in 1996 and therefore has many years of experience. He is also a graduate sports scientist, personal fitness trainer (CHEK Holistic Lifestyle- and CHEK Exercise-Coach). In his classes, all areas complement each other perfectly and lead to professional and holistic development.

Surfen in Spanien im März

Camp founder Katrin

Katrin is responsible for the yoga classes in the camp. She teaches the Open Classes for surfers and organizes and teaches the A-Frame Yoga Retreats. Her friends say that she accompanies both beginners and advanced students on their yoga path with her positive and challenging teaching style. "I find it imperative to see and  guide each person according to their individual potential." Katrin has built up a wealth of experience over the years and has many tips and tricks for your well-being.

Katrin Rose-Michaelsen is a graduate sports scientist with a focus on health promotion in leisure and work. She has 16 years of practical experience as a health trainer and yoga teacher in companies, in her own courses and in the fitness studio. In addition to her extensive training in sports science, she has been intensively training in (Hatha) Yoga for 11 years. For 9 years she has received important influences from Iyengar Yoga (Ute Marek, Hamburg; Patxi Lizardi, Madrid). In summer 2008 she completed her yoga teacher training at INSPYA Yoga (Integral South Pacific Yoga Association) and holds the 200-hour certificate of the Yoga Alliance.

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