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Yoga Retreat in El Palmar
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Be You – Yoga und Facial Reflexology Retreat

Yoga - Facial-Massages - Meditation- Selfcare

This one-week course is all about you, your body and your holistic well-being. Katrin and Jane are best friends who, besides their friendship, share a passion for movement, health and wholeness. With their program "Be You" they want to help you to get back in touch with yourself, to develop mindfulness and to come into your very own inherent power. In a small group setting, the two teachings are fused together to create a holistic wellness and healing program. You will receive full attention and knowledge from the two as well as lots of inspiration and material to take home.

  • 11x Yoga/Meditation
  • 1 Facial-Reflexology Treatment
  • 1 Follow-up treatment
  • 1 Surf Trial course
  • Material included
  • 7x large breakfast
  • 7x lunches
  • 5x 3-course dinner
  • Ginger water, coffee, tea, juices available all day
  • Accommodation by the sea
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom/WC
  • Daily cleaning

Extras: 1 surf taster course, free WIFI, coffee, tea, water, fruit and bread all day long


Yoga classes

We start the morning with a meditation, a Facial morning routine and a 90 minutes yoga class. Each class guides you mindfully into your body and is logically structured based on a focus. We pay attention to proper alignment and your breathing so that you feel the full impact of the exercises, gradually opening and strengthening your body and developing a lasting sense of yourself and your inner and outer processes.  In the evening classes we dedicate ourselves entirely to relaxation. With regenerative exercises, Yin, Yoga Nidra we open the space to completely let go, deeply relax and restore a sense of balance. The small group size allows us to provide individual attention as well as personal atmosphere in the class, which will continue to promote your development.

Be You - Signature Facial Reflexology, Guasha and Thai Herbal Poultice Massages

Each participant will receive two Facial Reflexology treatments spread over the week.

  • Basic Deluxe Session (120min.)
  • Gua Sha Facial Fusion Massage (60min.)

Facial Reflexology connects your body and mind more firmly in small steps to help you feel good, release blockages inside and out, feel yourself better, and put symptoms and illnesses on the path to healing. Accumulated energies are brought back into flow and through the connection of various acupressure points your nervous system comes back into rest mode. This activates 'Heal&Repair' processes in your body that have a lasting effect.

Special stone and herbal stamp massages also purify your tissues, loosen your muscles and release tension, thus freeing your lymphatic system, allowing blood to flow freely again and nutrients to be reabsorbed into the body.

The holistic treatments promote, among other things, your purification, detoxification and relaxation, help with skin redness and impurities, dryness, puffy eyes, tension, etc.. In addition, there is the pleasant feel-good character of these treatments, because it just feels good.

At the end of your treatment you will receive an individual protocol (program) that you can continue to practice at home to continue the feel-good and healing processes.

Course Content

  • 6 times morning practice: meditation, facial morning routine, yoga
  • 5 times evening yoga: relaxation, breathing, yin, restorative yoga
  • 1 full round Facial-Reflexology treatment (120min)
  • 1 follow-up treatment (60min.)
  • 1 surf trial course

About Jane

Jane has found her calling in Facial Reflexology (facial acupressure). Through her own autoimmune disease, she set out on a path of self-healing and with the help of various coaching sessions on holistic health, is now almost symptom-free. From this arose the desire to pass on her knowledge. Further training in Facial Reflexology by Jackie van Ruler, a Lymph Mojo course by Dr. Nickelston, as well as a certified advanced training in Gua Sha Facial Fusion and Thai Herbal Poultice Massages according to Cecily Braden followed. Her learned knowledge and extensive experience form the basis of her treatments. She has developed her own program, which she tailors to the needs of each individual. She is passionate about bringing women back to their power and balance. For Jane, Selfcare has endless possibilities. She shares these through energy and bodywork, the healing power of her own hands and many small everyday rituals.

About Katrin

Katrin is the co-founder of A-Frame and has built up the entire yoga area there. She is a trained yoga and meditation teacher as well as a certified sports scientist. Her interest in people and their holistic health has shaped her path from the beginning.  Her classes are characterized by detailed instruction and a comfortable balance between calm and dynamic. She wants to create a space where everyone can find themselves and develop to the maximum. In addition to the physical aspect, Katrin loves yoga philosophy and psychology and incorporates this content into her classes through meditations, journaling and small lectures. For Katrin, yoga is a holistic concept of life that goes beyond physical activity to bring mindfulness into all areas of our lives.


With fresh, healthy ingredients and a varied modern cuisine, our cooks ensure that you will enjoy your yoga holiday every day with energy and joy. This includes 7 x large breakfasts with a huge cereal and muesli choice, bread and rolls, Spanish ham and cheese as well as breakfast specials (croissaints, eggs, smoothie, chia pudding), 7 x lunches and 5 x 3-course dinners. The catering is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free on request. Enjoy your meal!

More about the Catering


7 nights in accommodation directly on the beach in a double room in a 'Casa'. Single room and studio with surcharge possible. The maximum number of people per Casa is 4. Each Casa has a fully equipped kitchen (including stove and fridge) as well as a living room and a bathroom with WC.

More about the accommodation

More extras

  • Coffee, organic tea, water, fruit and bread are available all day.
  • Terrace and lounge just metres from the Atlantic Ocean (in the beach camp)
  • On-site contact person 
  • Free WiFi
  • Use of an Office Room (Co-Working Space) with WiFi
  • For little ones there is a children's room with toys etc
  • Use of the yoga house garden directly on the beach