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 Learn to surf in Spain with perfect waves

Learn to surf in Spain

Do you want to learn to surf in Europe? Welcome to sunny Andalusia, on the Costa de la Luz.

Surfing in Spain is very popular with European surfers. While the high season (July and August) attracts the most surf tourists to the beaches of northern Spain and France, Andalusia is perfect destination for the rest of the year. From September to June the conditions here in the south are fantastic for all levels. The range of waves in El Palmar are both ideal for beginners and challenging for advanced surfers.  During the low season it is always relaxed and empty here - this is the place to learn how to surf in empty line-ups. 

Learn to surf and surf in perfect conditions

The long beach break with clean waves, multiple peaks and frequent offshore winds (we call it Levante here) offer you a good variety of spots to learn how to surf. And depending on the waves, you can switch to other nearby breaks to find the ideal ride. Andalusia is still warm even in winter - when it is cold and grey in northern Europe, pleasant temperatures and hours of sunshine await you here in the south. 

El Palmar is also perfect for families with children. The small waves and the gentle beach break ensure that learning to surf here is always fun and safe. On the surf-free days you can explore the surrounding area of Andalusia.

Learn to surf with A-Frame Surf camp in Andalusia

Experienced surfers can stay with us but explore the surf spots of Andalusia on their own. If you want to learn how to surf or improve your technique, you can stay at our surf camp and take a surf course. For external surf students we offer surf courses in our A-Frame surf school. Especially in summer, when our camp is closed, the surf courses of our surf school are a great opportunity to learn surfing. In the camp and in the surf school we offer surf lessons for beginners, advanced courses and surf courses for advanced surfers. Learning to surf takes a lot of time and our surf instructors are happy to take care of you. In small groups they teach you everything you need to know for your first waves. They are usually with you in the water or have you in view from the shore. The surf instructors are all well trained and help you to feel comfortable in the waves. After all, surfing should be fun.

When are the best waves in El Palmar?

For beginners the surfing conditions are always good, as we always have whitwewater and can move to other surf spots when the waves get big. In our blog post about the best surfing conditions in El Palmar we show you which month are most suitable for your surf level.

Surf Spots for learning to surf

The beach right in front of our surf camp is called Playa El Palmar. This is a beautiful, long sandy beach numerous peaks that break over sandbars. It only gets full on the weekends and in the Spanish summer holidays. So you have a lot of space here to relax, learn to surf or improve your skills. And should the waves become too much, you will find more protected surf spots like Caños de Meca or Barbate nearby.

For a drink after surfing, El Palmar has loads of bars and cafes with overlooking the sea. The terrace of our beach camp also offers a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. So you can end your day of surfing with a cold beer and a ruby red sunset over the sea.

Summer Surf School with A-Frame

Would you like to learn to surf in Spain, preferably in summer? If you are a beginner, El Palmar is the right place for you. The midsummer usually brings very small waves. Our A-Frame Surfcamp is closed at this time (July/August). Our surf school is open all year round, because beginners have fun in the water even with mini waves. In the A-Frame Surf School you can book a one-day course or a surf course for several days. You can choose and plan your holiday to suit you. You can book your surf course comfortably online, by WhatsApp or at our surf shop in El Palmar. We are looking forward to teaching you how to surf. Children and families are heartly welcome.

Surfkurs in Spanien bei kleinen Wellen
Learn to surf in Spain with small summer waves

Video of surfing in El Palmar

Learn to surf in El Palmar

In El Palmar you can surf all year round. All months are ideal for beginners. Advanced surfers have a lot of fun here in southern Spain, especially from September to June. If you want to learn surfing or improve your surf technique, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our surf courses. If you want to prepare for surfing at home, our blog post about surf yoga and learning to surf I is interesting for you. In our picture gallery you can have a look at photos from the surf courses. Have fun browsing. See you in El Palmar!