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Surf Spots in Andalusia - The best places for surfing

Are you looking for a place to surf in Spain with lonely beaches and empty line-ups? Welcome to Andalusia. This out of the way corner of southwest Spain is still not very well known in the world of surf which means loads of good spots and most of them empty, so you'll have plenty of room to surf. Between September and June you will find excellent conditions for surfing for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. There are numerous beach breaks, but also point breaks with long waves and a few reefs worth checking out and the mix of visitors and locals generally makes for a good vibe in the water here. 

Andalusia Surf Spots - The surf spots around El Palmar

The undulating coastline means you can always surf in Andalusia. The area of El Palmar lies on the Costa de la Luz, not in the Mediterranean Sea but directly facing the swells of the Atlantic Ocean. This Atlantic coast offers numerous possibilities for surfing:

On the one hand there is the west coast, which sucks up any swell going to create surfable waves most of the time. And when the waves get bigger here, you can hit the south coast for more mellow waves. There are countless spots there, which only light up when it gets extra-large in El Palmar or the wind direction is unsuitable for El Palmar, but ideal for the south coast. Here is our pick ot the local spots: 

Surfing in El Palmar

El Palmar beach is our home break: The swell magnet of Andalusia. A west-facing beach break that focuses the incoming swell and usually produces a-frame waves. That means you can surf peeling waves left and right.

The rocks beneath the sand ensure that the sandbanks remain very stable and the waves break with good shape. Depending on the tide the character of the wave changes: At Low tide it can get fast and hollow, wheras at high tide the waves are a bit fatter and easier - something for everyone.

In our picture gallery you will find numerous pictures of surfing at Playa El Palmar, probably the best surf spot in Andalusia.

Video of the surf spot Playa El Palmar

Surfing at the surf spot in El Palmar

Surf spot Fuente de Gallo

Just a few miles along the coast is Conil. In our neighboring town you can find a few good spots including this beach break. There are mellow right and left waves which roll in and are therefore very suitable for boards with more volume. This is a perfect spot for longboards, mid-lengths and fish. This surf spot usually works best from low to mid tide.

Cabo Roche

This surf spot a little further north than Conil is another quality beach break. The best feature of this spot is the wind protection from the cliffs. The high rocks on the beach protect the waves from the 'Levante' wind, This easterly wind actually blows from a favourable direction and generates offshores but sometimes it can also become very strong. That's exactly when Cabo Roche is the perfect alternative spot. The surf spot works on almost all tide conditions. But the best time to go depends a on how the sandbanks are lying. 

Canos de Meca is near the a frame surfcamp andalusia
On this photo you can see all three surf spots in Canos de Meca: Faro at the back, Maria Sucia in the middle and at the front you see Apartamentos.

Canos de Meca: Faro

Surfing in Spain with a log? The point at Trafalgar lighthouse is a real longboard spot and one of the best surf spots in the area. This break needs a bit more swell to wrap around to it's south-facing beach, so if it is too big in El Palmar, you head to Caños de Meca. On good days the righthand pointbreak runs about 200 - 300 meters – an aptly-named Mecca for longboarders!

The best conditions are at low tide and north wind, as this brings offshore conditions. The surf spot runs over a reef, but the water is deep enough that you don't have to worry about hitting it.

Canos de Meca: Marisucia

Right next to Faro an a-frame wave breaks at this surf spot. It is also very suitable for longboards, fish and funboards. Here the best peaks are at mid tide (and is worth a paddle over when the point gets too full). In contrast to the neighbouring wave, the surf level is a bit lower. That means you get more waves and This surf spot is also very wellthis forgiving spot is well-suited to beginners who want to try and catch their first green waves.

Canos de Meca: Apartamentos

Apartamentos is also part of the Caños de Meca beach. As the name suggests, this surf spot is located in front of the white apartments on the beach promenade. At this spot you will find a nice left low tide wave, which is more suitable for advanced surfers. The wave breaks relatively steeply and in good conditions there is not much water over the reef. Here you can get your shortboard or fish out. The take-off zone is small, so the line-up is often crowded and competitive. Nevertheless, you can have a really good session here, especially if you go to this surf spot early in the morning when you will find few surfers in the water.

The surf spot is in front of the white houses ("Apartamentos").

Punta Paloma - the surf spot if it is too big everywhere else

This surf spot is perfect if it's maxed-out everywhere else. When it's too big to even get in the water on the west coast, Punta Paloma starts pumping. With a decent swell wrapping round, thi right hand point starts firing, offering a friendly wave with a good long wall and a distinct channel to help you paddle back out.

Barbate Surf spot

This surf spot is also on the south coast and Barbate is a large curving town beach. This surf spot is a nice beach break with a lot of space, numerous peaks and is suitable for all surf levels. Barbate is our alternative spot if the waves in El Palmar are too big for our surf courses. The good thing about this spot is that you can see the waves coming from a distance. This makes starting in green waves easier and is perfect for surfers who are still practicing the right timing and positioning when taing off on unbroken waves. The surf spot in Barbate is surfable at almost all tidal conditions, the preferred wind direction for offshores is from the north.

Surfing in Spain - It's always warm in Andalusia

In Andalusia you can always surf in mild temperatures. The water temperature is around 20 degrees in October and never below 16 degrees, even in January and February. And thanks to the 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, a pleasantly mild climate awaits you here in Andalusia. Come to southern Spain and surf the best surf spots in Andalusia with us!

Surf spot Check

If you want to conquer the surf spots on your own, think about the right surf spot check before you go into the water. In our blog post we explain exactly how such a spot check works.