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Pottery & Yoga Retreat

"Clear Your Mind With Dirty Hands"
We are very much looking forward to this special retreat where we will combine traditional crafts with yoga. Surrounded by beautiful nature and directly at the Atlantic Ocean we invite you to recharge your batteries, relax and create something new with your hands.

  • 5x yoga (2h each)
  • 5x pottery course (3h each)
  • all material included
  • 7x large breakfasts
  • 7x lunches
  • 5x 3-course dinners
  • Ginger water, coffee, tea, juices available all day
  • Accommodation by the sea
  • Fully equipped kitchen 
  • Bathroom/WC
  • Daily cleaning

Extras: 1 surf taster course, free WIFI, coffee, tea, water, fruit and bread all day long

Pottery Course

This 1-week pottery course is something for your mind and soul. Practising this ancient traditional craft will get your creativity flowing again. You inspire each other together with the other course participants.

Denise from db-pottery studio in Zurich, has been to our camp several times with her family for family surfing holidays. From this came the desire to bring her passion of pottery to this magical place for her. She has been working with clay since 2016. She runs a pottery studio with 70 members where she regularly leads workshops. Together with her colleague Ljubica, she will accompany you with all her knowledge, experience and passion through this pottery week, which is also a journey to you and your creativity.

Töpferkurs am Meer


Every morning begins with a balancing yoga session in our yoga house right by the sea. Katrin, the co-founder of A-Frame, guides you through a pleasant flow that charges you with energy that relaxes and grounds you. Embedded in meditation and relaxation and with the sound of the waves in your ears, it's the perfect start to the day and gives your holiday that extra dose of relaxation.

Surf taster course:

One afternoon we invite you to a surf taster course. One of our surf coaches from A-Frame will introduce you to the first steps of surfing safely and with lots of fun. It is a very special experience where you can feel the power of nature directly and get to know the sea in a different way.

Kursleiterin Denise Kratzer

About Denise Kratzer

Denise Kratzer is the owner of db-pottery. She has a degree in business and event marketing. During Covid, she created her own pottery brand, db-pottery. She has been working regularly and passionately with pottery for the past four years.

Pottery has now become a focal point in her life, an activity where she can realise herself and escape from everyday life for a short time. The high level of concentration at the potter's wheel and its continuous running have a meditative, almost hypnotic effect. So Denise is doing something for her mind and soul - something that is unfortunately often neglected in everyday life. Therefore, based on her own experience, she can recommend her motto to everyone: "Clear your mind with dirty hands.

About Ljubica Jovic

Ljubica is the course instructor (English) at L Shapes Ceramics and Denise's right hand. She learned and loved her craft in her hometown, Belgrade. Since then, she has never let go of the material of clay. Her creations on the potter's wheel as well as her hand-built objects speak for themselves. Ljubica teaches the taster and quick courses at db-pottery in English.

Kursleiterin Ljubica Jovic


With fresh, healthy ingredients and a varied modern cuisine, our cooks ensure that you will enjoy your yoga holiday every day with energy and joy. This includes 7 x large breakfasts with a huge cereal and muesli choice, bread and rolls, Spanish ham and cheese as well as breakfast specials (croissaints, eggs, smoothie, chia pudding), 7 x lunches and 5 x 3-course dinners. The catering is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free on request. Enjoy your meal!

More about the catering

Accommodation during your yoga Retreat

7 nights in accommodation directly on the beach in a double room in a 'Casa'. Single room and studio with surcharge possible. The maximum number of people per Casa is 4. Each Casa has a fully equipped kitchen (including stove and fridge) as well as a living room and a bathroom with WC.

More about the accommodation

Yoga El Palmar at the Yogahaus in sunshine
This is our yoga house right by the sea

More extras for your yoga holiday

  • Coffee, organic tea, water, fruit and bread are available all day.
  • Terrace and lounge just metres from the Atlantic Ocean (in the beach camp)
  • On-site contact person 
  • Free WiFi
  • Use of an Office Room (Co-Working Space) with WiFi
  • For little ones there is a children's room with toys etc
  • Use of the yoga house garden directly on the beach


Unfortunately all retreats are booked out at the moment.