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Family Surfcamp an der Costa de la Luz
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The Family Surfcamp

Surf's up kids! The A-FRAME Surf & Yoga Camp is for your family surf holiday: Accommodation for up to six people, full board, proximity to the beach and, if you want, supervision of your little ones by our team. So your surf holiday as a family will be fun but relaxing.

  • 5x surf classes (from 8 years old)
  • Surf-Theory & Video-Analysis
  • Free use of surf equipment outside of class time
  • 7x large breakfasts
  • 7x lunches
  • 5x 3-course dinners
  • Ginger water, coffee, tea, juices available all day
  • Accommodation near the beach
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom/WC
  • Cots

Extras: Free WiFi, Optional Yoga, Toys, Children's Bicycles, Playroom, Optional Childcare and much more

At a glance - What we offer for families

We do everything we can to ensure that you can spend a relaxing holiday with us as a family. The best tips for your surfing holiday as a family can be found in our family blog post. There you can also find out about the best activities with children in the area.

Here are the facts at a glance:

  • Your own house for the whole family (with fully equipped kitchen)
  • Accommodation near the beach (no need to lug lots of gear there)
  • Full-board available
  • We can easily deal with any food requirements: allergies, special diets etc
  • Surf courses for parents and children (from age 12, and from age 8 during 'family weeks')
  • Optional childcare during the surf lessons
  • Neoprene suits and surfboards especially for children
  • Bodyboards available
  • Children's room with toys for very young children
  • Children's books for children up to 5 years old
  • Children's bicycles
  • Child bicycle seats
  • High chairs
  • If required, cots (child travel bed)

Video of our family week

Family Weeks at the A-Frame Surf & Yoga Camp

Families are welcome throughout the season but five times a year we offer a very special deal, the so-called family weeks. The family weeks are especially popular, because during this time families are our main focus. Children from the age of 8 can take part in the surf courses, and there are so many children and teenagers at our camp at this time that they quickly make friends and get together, leaving the parents a little less in demand!

Familien Surfcamp in Europa

Surf courses for children and adults

Are you looking for a surf course for the whole family? With us you and your family (children from age 8) get a comprehensive surf course over 5 days including video analysis and theory lessons. In the surf courses parents and children can learn surfing together or improve the surf skills they already have. You will be divided into surf groups according to age and experience. The lessons take place at the same time, so everyone gets the best conditions and there is enough free time to spend with the family. If you don't feel like surfing, it is exciting to discover Andalusia with children. It is important to us that everyone in the family has fun surfing and in our picture gallery you can get a good idea of what our surf courses for kids (and big kids!) are like.

Top tip: You can also attend our yoga courses, the perfect complement to surfing and a great activity for non-surfing fellow travelers.

More details about our Surf Courses

All our surf courses include extensive and professional supervision by trained surf instructors. The surf course for children and parents consists of five days of classes (practice and theory) including video training and high-quality equipment for the whole week. This is of course also available to use outside class hours.

Depending on ability, tide and waves, the course is individually tuned for you to make the most progress with your surfing. We always choose the best times and conditions for you to gain experience and have even more fun, all while looking cool of course! Because after safety, fun always comes first! The children are introduced to the sea and surfing in a playful way. They learn to balance on the board and to glide on the wave. El Palmar is perfect for this: long beaches, clean waves and no reefs or stones - a dream surf destination.

More about surf lessons at A-Frame

Familien Surfcamp in Spanien

Surf equipment for children and parents

We have wetsuits and surfboards for adults and children. The children get a well-fitting, extra warm wetsuit (4/3) and practice on special children's soft surfboards. Of course our surf instructors are professionally trained and have a Surf Lifesaver qualification.

Childcare from a professional

If your little one is still too young for a surf course, no worries - we are happy to take care of your kids while mum and dad enjoy the surf course or yoga lesson undisturbed. Our team has experience in childcare and love children so your kids are in good hands. We are happy to accomodate all your wishes – just let us know. We play inside or outside and wetsuits against wind and water are available on request.

Child care costs 15 Euro/hour per child. Please indicate when booking so that we can plan everything in the best possible way.

surfcamp for families with children's room for the little ones

Children's room for your holiday with the family

We also have a playroom for the little ones where they can let off steam to their heart's content. There are books, puzzles, games, a shop, a workbench, Playmobil, Lego and other toys. So it never gets boring whatever the weather.

Yoga at the A-Frame Surfcamp

Since we are a Surf & Yoga Camp, we also offer Yoga classes. The open yoga classes take place five days a week and anyone can participate spontaneously. In the family week from 11 May to 18 May 2019 you can also book an optional week of yoga holiday.

More about Yoga at A-Frame

Lunch Buffet at A Frame Surfcamp El Palmar

Catering during your surf holiday

Mum and Dad don't have to worry about anything on this family trip. Our cooks are happy to serve you healthy, filling and fresh full board. This includes 7 large breakfasts with a huge muesli station, bread and rolls as well as breakfast specials (croissants, eggs, scrambled eggs, Chia pudding), 7 lunches and 5 3-course dinners. The catering is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free. We have extra highchairs for small children.

More about the catering

Your accommodation in our Surfcamp

You live as a family in your own accommodation. You will stay directly on the beachfront in a double room in a 'Casa'. Each Casa has its own garden or terrace and a fully equipped kitchen (e.g. cooker, fridge), as well as a living room and a bathroom. Most Casas have a washing machine.

More about the accommodation

Helle und gemütliche Ferienwohnungen im A-Frame Familien Surfcamp in Spanien

More extras at our Surfcamp

  • Optional open yoga classes 5 times per week
  • Coffee, organic tea, water, fruit and bread are available all day.
  • Terrace and lounge 30m from the Atlantic Ocean (in the beach camp)
  • On-site contact person 
  • Free WiFi
  • Optional child care available
  • Playroom for children
  • Children's books for children up to 5 years old
  • Children's bicycles
  • Child bicycle seats
  • High chairs
  • If required, cots (child travel bed)
  • Bodyboards
  • Use of an Office Room (Co-Working Space) with WiFi
  • For the little ones there is a children's room with toys.
  • Use of the large yoga house garden directly on the beach

Do you want to come to us outside the family weeks?

Families are welcome during the whole season. If you would like to come to us on a date outside the family weeks, please send a request via our contact form.


Our Family Trip - Important Information for Booking

In order to create the right surf feeling for the whole family, more than half of the participants in our family trips must also book a surf course. (For two people at least one participant, for three at least two, for four at least three, for five at least three and so on).


If you would like to come with your kids outside of the family weeks, please use our contact form!