El Palmar Surf Report

Here you can find the Surf Forecast and the Surf Report for our Home Surf Spot at Playa El Palmar. With the Surf Report you can check the waves for your surf holiday from the comfort of your own home. We recommend the Surf Report from Surfline (former Magicseaweed) and the Forecast from Surf-Forecast.com.

Surf Report of El Palmar on Surfline

Magicseaweed's Surf Report shows you the most important factors you need to know to surf. You'll have an overview of a whole week and can probably read off wind force, wind direction, wave height and period. You can use the swell map to see how the swell approaches our surf spot in El Palmar. The Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast is also available as an app.

Surf Report on Surf Forecast.com

In the Surf Report of Surf-Forecast.com you can also read everything you want to know for the next surf sessions. How high are the waves, how long is the period, which direction is the wind coming from and how strong is it? There is also information about the weather.

Surfing in Andalusia

Many surfers are drawn to the north, to the famous spots in Galicia and Cantabria. Surfing in Andalusia is (still) a real insider tip in the Spanish surf scene. If you follow the surf report you can see it: The waves in El Palmar are consistent. In addition, mass tourism has not yet arrived in this region of Andalusia. Here you can learn surfing all year round or improve your existing surfing skills. You'll also find good Andalusian cuisine and relaxed locals.

Surfing in El Palmar means empty line-ups - at least outside the Spanish summer holidays. But the waves are best here from October to June anyway. Temperatures rarely fall below 20°C in winter, the water is usually 21°C in autumn. Have a look at the Sufreport for El Palmar and get an idea of the current surf conditions.

Flowers on the beach and empty line-ups in El Palmar...
Surf Forecast Spanien

Surfing in El Palmar and surroundings

Besides our house beach, Playa El Palmar, there are other surf spots in the immediate vicinity. These can easily be reached by rental car. On big days we recommend Barbate or Los Caños de Meca. The Surf Report always gives you information about the surf spots where the best waves for your level prevail. Of course you can also contact us at any time and we will help you to choose the surf spot that is right for you.

Surf lessons in El Palmar

If you attend one of our surf courses, we will check the surf report the evening before and surf with you on a beach that corresponds to your level. Playa El Palmar usually offers a suitable wave for all levels. Great peaks and lots of space await you. At about 8 km Beachbreak the line-up is rarely full. In El Palmar you can paddle your first green waves in a relaxed way, let off steam in the white water or polish your turns. You don't know how to read a surf forecast or a surf report? Look forward to your surf theory lessons with us at Surf Camp. We will explain how waves are created and how you can interpret a forecast. We will also show you which different surfboards are available and which board is right for your needs.

Surfing in autumn and winter in El Palmar