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Surf the Moment – Woman’s Surf & Yoga Retreat

Surfing is much more then standing on a surfboard and riding a wave. It is the art of enjoying the moment. It is the art of being one with ourselves, with the sea, with nature. It is the art of forgetting about everything around you and letting go. It is the art of being happy!
In our “Surf the Moment-Retreat“ we will spend one really special week with you and like-minded women gathering moments and making them to your personal happy moment. We will learn about our limits, become aware of our next steps to progress, and celebrate every little success!

When I takeoff in a wave, poised on a silver of surboard, I am both fish and bird. On each occasion of bliss and fear, I am educated into the complex ways of the sea – a constant lesson in mindfulness.

(Sam Bleakley in Mindfulness and Surfing. Reflections for Saltwater Souls S.8)

Yoga & Surf
  • 5x Women's only Yoga sessions
  • 5x Women's only Surf course (2-3h)
  • 5x Happy-Moment-Mindfulness activities
  • all material included
  • 7x large breakfasts
  • 7x lunches
  • 5x 3-course dinners
  • Ginger water, coffee, tea, juices available all day
  • Accommodation by the sea
  • Fully equipped kitchen 
  • Bathroom/WC
  • Daily cleaning

Extras: Free WIFI, coffee, tea, water, fruit and bread all day long


You will learn the most important and basic surfing techniques in our retreat. All of our surf sessions will match your special needs, your body, and your mind. At the end of the week, you will stay confidently on your surfboard riding the waves of joy. Next to basic surfing techniques
you also will develop sea self-confidence. This means you will be able to consciously select the best surf spot fitting to your surf level. You will experience the sea and the waves from a female surfer’s perspective. This will boost your confidence to travel by your own in the future.


For many surfers yoga is the perfect balance to relax from the energy-sapping and actionpacked time in the water. Yoga is the conscious connection between body, soul, and your own mind. You will be able to calm down during the yoga sessions. While you surf the waves of your own breathing you will strengthen your awareness of your experiences in the sea. Breathing calms down your soul and guides your movement. You will learn how to increase your balance, power, and flexibility. All this will support you to be more active and more self-confident in the sea.

The story line behind “Surf the Moment”

Surfing and yoga in our retreat follows the mote to enjoy and keep the moment. We will let go our thoughts about responsibilities in everyday life. All of this will happen in a secure surrounding with like-minded women. We will focus on all little happy moments by activating and developing our own resources in order to boost our resiliency in and outside the water. Therefore, every day of our retreat focusses a different topic:

  • Day 1: Open – Let go of everyday life and open for new experiences
  • Day 2: Take Off – Be brave and grow
  • Day 3: Reflection – Activate your inner resources
  • Day 4: Insight – Become aware of your own skills as superpowers
  • Day 5: Routine – Collect all your happy moments for your everyday life

Surfing and yoga will match to all these five topics. Furthermore, we will organize one matching mindfulness activity a day to enjoy and value your time at the sea (e. g. mindfulness walks, beach meditations, sea dips, snorkeling, bonfires, creative writing, arts, …).

Sea is the symbol of calmness, peace, spirituality, and emotional balance. The moving sea waves know a lot about your inner feelings. The sea mainly symbolizes your calm mind, fluctuating emotions and internal strength.

Who can participate in our Surf the Moment-Retreat?

All women who…

… are beginners and want to learn surfing and yoga together in a group of like-minded women.
… surfed or did yoga before and now want to progress in their abilities.
… want to gain more self-confidence at land and in the sea.
… want to let go of everyday life and boost their energy to go back.
… search for an option to connect with themselves and their soul.
… want to experience something new.


With fresh, healthy ingredients and a varied modern cuisine, our cooks ensure that you will enjoy your yoga holiday every day with energy and joy. This includes 7 x large breakfasts with a huge cereal and muesli choice, bread and rolls, Spanish ham and cheese as well as breakfast specials (croissaints, eggs, smoothie, chia pudding), 7 x lunches and 5 x 3-course dinners. The catering is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free on request. Enjoy your meal!

More about the catering

Accommodation during your yoga Retreat

7 nights in accommodation directly on the beach in a double room in a 'Casa'. Single room and studio with surcharge possible. The maximum number of people per Casa is 4. Each Casa has a fully equipped kitchen (including stove and fridge) as well as a living room and a bathroom with WC.

More about the accommodation

More extras for your yoga holiday

  • Coffee, organic tea, water, fruit and bread are available all day.
  • Terrace and lounge just metres from the Atlantic Ocean (in the beach camp)
  • On-site contact person 
  • Free WiFi
  • Use of an Office Room (Co-Working Space) with WiFi
  • For little ones there is a children's room with toys etc
  • Use of the yoga house garden directly on the beach