Surfing in Spain at sunset

FAQs - Surfing in Spain at the A-Frame Surfcamp

Do you have questions about your surf & yoga holiday with us at the camp? We answer the most important questions here. 

Is the A-Frame Surfcamp suitable for single travelers?
We have many single travelers as guests. That is no problem at all. Just like single travelers, we also have friends, couples or families in the camp. It is always a good mixture and has never been a problem. You will meet many other people, with whom you will attend the surf or yoga course or meet at meals. And: you will have a great time with us.

Single rooms in our houses (casas) can be booked in both camps for an extra charge. In this case you may share a house with another guest. But you have your room to yourself.

Do I need a rental car?
As we have already described here under Arrival, it is nice to have your own car to explore the area. And if you arrive in pairs, a rental car is usually even cheaper than our taxi shuttle. If you come alone, you can also come to us by bus or book our shuttle. And on the spot there are often possibilities to go with other guests. 
But a car is not necessary for everyday camp life. The beach and surf spot are right in front of the door. The yoga studio right next door. And supermarkets for small things are only 50 m away.

Do I need towels, hair dryer or bed linen?

Of course your bed is already covered, you don't have to bring bed linen.We have towels for the bathroom. Please bring your own beach towels. A hair dryer is available in every accommodation.

Can I withdraw money in El Palmar ?
No. There is no ATM here. The nearest ATM is in Conil. By car 5 min. away.

What is the average age of the guests?
The age of our guests goes from middle/end 20 to middle/end 40.

Is there a minimum number of participants for the yoga trips and yoga surf trips?
Our trips take place from 3 participants and we have room for a maximum of 15 yogis in our yoga house.

Is it still warm in autumn and winter?
Basically yes. In autumn it is usually still warm in summer. And in winter it is wonderfully mild with 15 to 20 degrees.

What neoprene thickness do you recommend?
That depends a little bit on your feeling of cold. In the warm months a neoprene suit in 3/2 is sufficient. Sometimes you can even get into the water without neoprene. Depending on the season and cold sensation, a 4/3 wetsuit may also be necessary. Especially in winter. We have 4/3 wetsuits for rent in the surf camp, so that you can spontaneously rent a thicker wetsuit.

How long has the A-Frame Surf Camp been around?
Our Surf and Yoga Camp exists since 2005.

Is the A-Frame Surf Camp open all year round?
We are open most of the year. From the middle of December until the end of January we take a short break. And in the summer months (July, August) we are also closed. But then the waves are too small anyway and in El Palmar it is very crowded (Spanish summer holidays).

Is there WLAN?
In the main houses and in some accommodations WLAN is available. We also have an office room with good WLAN throughout. You can also retire there to work or check your e-mails without being disturbed.

How did you decide to open a surf camp and why in El Palmar?
The original and authentic flair of El Palmar immediately enchanted Arne and Katrin, the owners of the camp. You can read the whole story about A-Frame Surf and Yogacamp as well as about Arne and Katrin in the A-Frame Story.

What is an A-Frame?
An A-Frame is a wave that you can surf to the left as well as to the right. This means that the wave breaks from the peak in both directions.