Perfect Surf holidays in El Palmar in Andalusia

Life in El Palmar

El Palmar in Andalusia

Have you ever heard of El Palmar? El Palmar is located in Andalusia, on the beautiful Costa de la Luz. Translated this means "coast of light" and the name is really program: Here in El Palmar the sun is almost always shining. The temperatures here in Andalusia are wonderfully mild even in winter.

But the south of Spain is not only known for its many hours of sunshine, most people appreciate Andalusia for its serenity, the delicious food and the good wine. You will find all this in El Palmar.

Fortunately, the small coastal town was built without being overcrowded here. On the contrary: El Palmar has been spared from mass tourism so far, so you can take endless long beach walks without stumbling over parasols and occupied sunbeds ;-) In El Palmar there is a relaxed vibe, there are very good restaurants, a few surf shops and beautiful nature. And of course beach and waves.

In Andalusia you will meet friendly locals, authentic restaurants and breathtaking nature. In spring the beach is dotted with colorful flowers, the rest of the year the glowing hills of the hinterland and the glittering waters of the Atlantic enchant. The waves here in the area are usually good anyway. And if they are not, a ruby red sunset and a Vino blanco compensate for the day. You can enjoy the sunset either on the beach or directly from our camp terrace.