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Monday, 29. August 2022

The ultimate guide to Conil de la Frontera


Conil de la Frontera is only a few minutes drive from El Palmar. You can see the white houses of this small hillside town shining in the sun as you approach it on the coast road. Conil lies directly on the sea, another jewel of the Costa de la Luz. The town is small and cosy, offering everything for a relaxing trip: a beautiful long beach, intimate alleys, lively bars and restaurants, an arts scene, some sightseeing and the best cakes in the area. Check out our top tips on what to see and do in Conil de la Frontera.

Conil de la Frontera - Location & Things to know

To briefly repeat the location: Conil de la Frontera can be reached from our surf camp in just ten minutes by car. You can also take a long walk along the beach (best at low tide) to Conil. Plan about one hour for this.

About 22,000 people live in Conil de la Frontera. From June to August the city is teeming with Spanish holidaymakers, but the rest of the year when the surf camp is open, you will get to know Conil de la Frontera's more relaxed side. 

Parking in Conil de la Frontera

Outside the season, the parking spaces at Paseo Maritimo and Rio Salado, directly on the beach, are free of charge. From here you can get to the old town by just crossing the road.

Places of interest in Conil de la Frontera

Conil de la Frontera is a small and relaxed place. The best thing is to wander around and discover the city on your own. We will give you a few tips and let you know some of our favourite places too. One important thing: It's best to plan your visit for after the siesta (go after 5pm). Then the shops will be open again and you can eat in one of the many good cafes or restaurants after exploring the town. Here are our top tips for Conil de la Frontera: 

1. The alleys of the Conil de la Frontera Old Town

Conil de la Frontera is known for its white houses and narrow streets. Here you can just let yourself roam around. Strolling through Conil you can imagine its Moorish past.

There are also many shops, bars and small restaurants and the houses are decorated with bougainvilleas, geraniums and carnations. It's also worth taking a look at the courtyards that are often decorated with beautiful tiles and cascading with plants.

I. Iglesia de Santa Cantalina

The Iglesia (Church) of Santa Catalina was built in the 15th century and stands on the square of the same name in Conil de la Frontera. However, not everything has survived from the original structure. The church was restored in the 19th century and today combines different architectural styles. The Iglesia de Santa Catalina is also the art and cultural centre of Conil, where exhibitions of famous artists take place. Admission is free.

II. Torre de Guzman

Opposite the Iglesia de Santa Catalina and hard to miss is La Torre de Guzmán, an old watchtower from the 14th century. The tower was used for a long time to defend against pirate attacks. The ascent to the top is worthwhile, as the view from above is fantastic.

III. City museum “Raíces Conileñas“

The best way to get back to the roots and absorb the history of the city is to visit its museum. Here you can immerse yourself in the traditions of the Conil region and learn all about its traditions and customs. A little further on you'll find “La Chanca”, an information centre for the famous tuna fishing of this region.

6. Mercado del Arte

If you prefer to shop for art instead of food, this is the place for you. The Mercado del Arte is located in the building that used to be the Conil food market. Local and visiting artists show and sell their works here. Opening hours from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon.

Just the thing for art collectors or those who want to become one... ;-)

5. The Food market in Conil de la Frontera

Do you want to feel like a local? Then we can recommend a visit to the excellent food market in Conil de la Frontera. Here you will find fruit and vegetables, tuna, sausages, meat and the freshest fish. Opening hours from Monday to Saturday, in the morning. The market is now located in the La Bodega business zone.

How about a walk at the beautiful Playa de Fontanilla in Conil?

8. Conil de la Frontera beaches

In and around Conil there are some beautiful beaches. The beaches at the Costa de la Luz are wild and untouched. The coast here is undeveloped and therefore more natural than the beaches towards the Mediterranean Sea. Especially beautiful is the beach Playa de Fontanilla in Conil. Further beautiful beaches around Conil de la Frontera are Cala del Aceite and Fuente del Gallo as well as the beach of Roche. On a cliff walk you can discover various small coves on the way to Roche. 

9. Walking on the cliffs of Conil de la Frontera

How about an easy hike with a sea view? Up along the cliffs of Calas de Roche you can walk comfortably from bay to bay. The cliffs are located between the port of Conil and the settlement of Roche, where small coves hide at the foot of the cliffs. The beaches are accessible by stairs. Access to some beaches is difficult, but it's worth it, because here you can find shelter from the Levante (Easterly) wind. Sometimes you can have a bay all to yourself.

Tip: The sunsets here are a dream!

3. Coffee and cakes at Canela y Miel

When someone from our Surfcamp team has a birthday (or we just want to have something sweet), we always get a cake from Canela y Miel. The cakes from here are little works of art, nearly too good to eat. Luckily they are not only pretty but also very tasty.

4. Real Spanish Churros

Are you hungry? Time for churros! In Conil de la Frontera churros are part of everyday life. The Churrería La Chana is a real institution here and where all the locals head for a breakfast treat. Actually it's only a small place but the churros come in the traditional way, steaming hot and wrapped in paper. You will find the Churreria in the Calle Pascual Junquera, a bit up the street on the right side. The Churreria in Conil de la Frontera is only open in the morning from 7:00-13:00. During my visit I was lucky and just got the last churros when I arrived at 1.10pm!

Tip: A few steps further on  there is a great Vintage Shop for Second Hand clothes, called Dakota.

11. Restaurants Conil de la Frontera

Conil is small but full of good restaurants. In summer, the streets are full and everyone sits outside, eating tapas, tuna or drinking a glass of wine. Outside the season Conil de la Frontera is a bit quieter. You have to know which restaurants are still open. Here are our favorites among the restaurants in Conil:

Exotica - Restaurant & Bar

The Exotica reopened this year. The furnishings are a beautiful mix of bohemian chic. A bit of the Orient, a pinch of New York and a touch of Conil conjure up a charming atmosphere. Spanish fusion dishes such as ceviche, ribs, tuna tartar, quinoa salad, burgers etc. are served. Sometimes they have live music.

La Ola - Eating tuna on the beach

The bluefin tuna from traditional Almadraba catch is one of he real delicacies in the region. The tuna is caught off the coast of Cadiz and is not only delicious but also of high quality. In the restaurant La Ola you can eat directly at the beach and watch the sunset. There is a gigantic hotel behind you, but the view of the sea and the excellent food more than make up for it.

La Fontanilla

The restaurant La Fontanilla is the place to be for fish lovers. The selection is huge, the fish fresh and the service friendly. The Fontanilla is directly on the beach and the view through the panoramic windows is magical. Couples and romantics can enjoy a dinner overlooking the Atlantic sunset. The restaurant is especially known for its tuna specialities such as carpaccio of red tuna Almadraba or tartar red tuna Almadraba.

El Mirlo

El Mirlo is run by a Spanish sibling couple. Here all guests are warmly welcomed and the service is really great. As is the food - If you like authentic tapas, this is the place for you. Especially recommended are tuna brochette, Secreto Iberico and the crab tortillitas. But the best thing to do is to try it out yourself and gorge yourself on the menu.

Los Hermanos

If you really love tapas then we have another recommendation for you: Los Hermanos is a really Spanish experience. Here you order at the bar and take your freshly prepared tapas with you. The selection of tapas is huge, especially tasty is the Pulpito with olive oil and garlic. The menu is only in Spanish but with Google in your smartphone the translation shouldn't be a problem.

Feduchy Lounge

The Feduchy is romantically situated on a plaza with a fountain in Calle Pascual Junquera. Here you can while away the evening outside and people watch, drink Spanish wine and eat delicious food. In addition to the good location, there are very tasty tuna creations made from locally-caught fish. The Tosta secreto and Carpacio de Buey are also worth a try. Reservations are not possible. First come - first served.

La Bicicleta - Pizza

It's not all about tapas in Conil. The Biccicleta proves that Spaniards can also bake really delicious pizza. Here you choose the size of your pizza, order your toppings and pay for your pizza by weight. Beside classics there are new pizza variations like crème fraîche, rocket and chia seeds. Extra-hungry customers should definitely try the dessert pizza with chocolate and fruit.

Meat and steak at Blanco y Verde

We always recommend this restaurant to our surf camp guests. Those who like large portions and meat dishes should definitely eat here.

Typical Conil Weather

The weather in Conil de la Frontera is basically the same as in El Palmar. Due to its proximity to Africa, the sun shines 300 days a year in Andalusia and it is rarely cold. Even in winter temperatures rarely fall below 15-20 degrees.

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